Do I Need Screening for an Inherited Heart Condition, if it’s Found in my Family?

If one or more close family members (like your brothers, sisters, parents, children) has an inherited heart condition listed below, you may have an increased risk to develop it as well.  Cardiac screening can help detect one of these conditions before it becomes serious.  Treatments can keep the disease from getting worse or prevent sudden cardiac arrest. 

This image shows a chart of how heart disease is inherited in Humans

Inherited heart conditions, for which all close family members are recommended to have regular screening:

Most of the above are passed down in an autosomal dominant pattern and often show up in multiple generations in a family. These conditions also can be associated with death at a young age due to a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, or an aortic dissection. Knowing if you are at an increased risk for the above conditions can help make sure you get the proper screening to prevent any serious issues.

Recommended screening varies for each of these conditions, but it usually includes an evaluation with a cardiologist, along with other tests including an echocardiogram, electrocardiogram (EKG), or blood tests. This is usually recommended every few years. If signs of the condition are found during this screening, your doctor may talk to you about possible treatments or other recommendations for your medical care.