What Are My Risks for Inherited Heart Disease?

Having a complete family history and risk assessment done by a healthcare provider can help define your risk of developing heart disease. The heart conditions listed below run in families in an autosomal dominant pattern. If you have a family member with one of these, you may be at an increased risk to also develop this condition. It is important to discuss this possibility with your doctor or genetic counselor. Knowing if you are at an increased risk for one of these disorders can help you make sure that you get the proper medical care to prevent any serious medical issues and keep you healthy.

Some inherited heart diseases that follow an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern:

Many other heart diseases can run in families in different inheritance patterns.  Some of these are caused by genetic factors only; however, they often are caused by combinations of genes that are passed down and environmental factors, including diet, exercise, smoking, ethnicity, gender and more.  If you have a family history of high cholesterol, heart attacks or stroke, you may have an increased risk for these types of heart disease. Working to change factors such as your diet and exercise habits can help reduce your risk.