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Ambry is a trusted leader in genetic testing and partners with clinicians and academic centers globally to advance
clinical and scientific research and patient care. While Ambry does not provide direct to consumer testing, we
recommend you speak with your healthcare provider or genetic specialist about whether genetic testing is right for you.


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Learning about your family's history of
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Innovation Leader

My Family History was developed by Progeny, the world's leading pedigree drawing application since 1996, in collaboration with Ambry Genetics, the premier clinical genetics laboratory.

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Our goal is to provide you a simplified and easy way to track your family health history to share with your family members and your healthcare provider.

Data Security & Privacy

Your information and privacy is important. That is why we ensure your data remains safe in our secure, encrypted, password protected database that conforms to HIPAA privacy standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical pedigree is a graphical representation of your family history that also includes health and disease information for each family member. Family members, relationships and health conditions are identified using standardized symbols.

Many common diseases are influenced by genetics and can run in families, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, as well as several genetic and rare diseases. Taking your family health history is important to identify which diseases you are at increased risk for in the future and to take appropriate steps to reduce those risks.

Yes, because more and more research is showing a link between your family history, genetics, and disease. Thus, physicians are increasingly taking your family history into account when deciding upon the best treatment options for you, or when recommending lifestyle changes to decrease your risk for certain diseases that run in your family.
Absolutely! You can print out your pedigree and give it to your physician anytime.
Your data is stored in a secure database that is password protected, encrypted, and conforms to HIPAA privacy standards. We use the same technology that is currently in use in 46 of the top 50 hospitals in the US as well as top research institutions in 78 countries world-wide.
Your information is accessible by you and those you choose to share it with (other family members or healthcare entities). Think of it as your own electronic family history medical record. De-identified data may be used for research purposes, however you reserve the right to opt out if you choose. On occasion, our staff may need to access your information to help you with your account or for regular maintenance of the site. Your identified data will never be shared or used without your permission.
No. You have control over access to your identifiable information. Also, laws like the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) protect against discrimination based on genetic information when it comes to employment and health insurance.

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Progeny's family history questionnaire is a trusted source by many of the top institutions world wide.

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